Children & Youth


Children are invited to attend Worship with their families and go to Sunday School after the Children’s Moment.

Child Care

Infant and toddler care is provided on Sundays mornings from 9-10:15 a.m. and 10:30-noon in a well equipped and professionally staffed nursery.

Sunday School

School-age children enjoy Godly play lessons, arts and crafts, and snacks. Our preschool classroom provides a routine that consists of play, art, stories, music, snack time , circle time, and prayer. Younger children are supported in their growing knowledge of playing, sharing, apologizing, being grateful, and having fun together.

We us the Godly Play method with children in kindergarten through elementary school and continue the spirit of wondering in our approach with youth. We support their development through art-related activities, books, learning how to solve problems by seeking the answers their hearts provide, and developing their ability to work with, play with, and understand one each other’s similarities and differences. We encourage wondering via Godly Play questions (i.e., I wonder where God is in this story? I wonder what is most important? I wonder where you are in the story?), teaching children and youth to ask questions and explore answers on their own and together. Children and youth are given opportunities to serve others as well via Church Beyond the Walls, volunteering in classrooms, and assisting with the routine of their own classes.


Clifton UMC offers a variety of opportunities for teenagers to find their place in the church community.


Youth in grades 5 through 12 gather on Sundays from 10:15-11:00am for ADMISSION U., a small group program that focuses on relational discipleship and service projects.

Acolyte Training


Confirmation is offered to students starting in the 7th grade as part of the Youth Program.  The experience includes retreats, field trips to other religious services, fun outings, faith partners, and excellent curriculum to help students deepen their understanding and commitment to faith.  If a student is not ready for Confirmation in 7th grade, that’s ok!  There will always be an alternative Sunday school option.  Although most students participate in 7th grade, it is best for parents and students to make that decision together.