Church Beyond the Walls April 2016 – Nick Federinko

“Jesus provided far more God-revealing signs than are written down in this book. ” – John 20:30, The Message

Eastertide – church speak for “the time following Easter” – is an opportunity to celebrate resurrection, and the in-breaking of God’s radical love and transformation.

On April 10, our Church Beyond the Walls activities saw God’s love being shown and our community being transformed.

The “bagels and coffee” group went to the new Anna Louise Inn to share fellowship and table with the residents there.

Jeff Scott helped lead a team for advocacy training- specifically, how to gather signatures and rally support for the Preschool Promise effort in Cincinnati.

And our letter writing group gathered to write letters to delegates to the United Methodist General Conference in May- asking the delegates to stand up for inclusion and to repeal the discriminatory language in the church by-laws. (And there’s still time to write letters… If you’d like to continue your witness beyond the walls by writing a letter, go here for more information.)

All of these activities are “more God-revealing signs” – a display of God’s work in transforming and bringing light into the world, and our community’s display of actions to do this good work! And even “more God revealing signs” are to come!

See you in church,
Nick Federinko