The Power of Partnerships – Rev. Benji Sayer

It’s hard to believe that my first academic year as the Executive Director of the Wesley Foundation in Cincinnati is about to come to a close. As I began last summer, not only was I embarking on a new adventure as the director of the Wesley Foundation, but I was also helping the Wesley Foundation to begin a new era of partnership with Clifton UMC. I can definitively say that this year has been nothing short of a huge success and for that I thank you. Whether it’s providing musicians for our Tuesday night Bible study (shout out to Brian Montgomery and Nick Federinko for that one) or securing brave folks to help with the Bible study itself, Tuesday night programming would not have been the same without Clifton UMCs help and participation. We also have enjoyed worshipping along side you on many occasions on Sunday mornings, the presence of your wonderful choir at the Thank You/Benefit Concert, and the way you encourage and support the students of the Wesley Foundation. So again, I say thank you.

The Wesley Foundation has also benefited greatly from the presence of two wonderful members of Clifton UMC on our Board of Directors-Steve Depoe and Anne Tapia. They both bring such innovative ideas and energy to the board. Their service in invaluable to the Wesley Foundation. We are grateful to have them as a part of the leadership structure at Wesley. Having that connection between Clifton UMC and the Board of Directors is key to the continued success of our partnership.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for both the Wesley Foundation and our partnership with Clifton UMC. We have some great ideas in store for the future and I for one am excited to have Clifton UMC as a partner.

See you in church!