Stories from Women’s March & Sister March

Many folks from Clifton United Methodist Church attended the Women’s March demonstrations on January 21st – either the national march in Washington D.C. or Cincinnati’s “sister march”. Here are some of their stories:

“It was like seeing the country I always believed existed and do believe exists in one place on a large scale. It was diverse and collective, exciting, motivating and exhausting.” – Jennifer (D.C)

“Sarah and I both thought the march was an amazing experience. Seeing so many people stand up for the rights of others gave us hope and has encouraged us to become more politically active. I was proud to see so many people from Clifton marching along side us!” – Aaron

“What an uplifting experience! People of all races, socioeconomic status and gender identification gathered together to protest the new status quo of suppression of marginalized Americans and immigrants. We will not stand quietly by and let this happen to our country!” – Lani

“I marched in the Cincinnati Sister March. It felt new and clumsy, but full of energy and passion! I felt disappointed by cringe worthy moments of white privilege, missed opportunities for community building, and misplaced energy, but the incredible energy coming from the shared grief of thousands of people in my community gives me immense hope!” -Annie

“I marched in Cincinnati.  It was so great to be with a massive group of fine people who care so much about our country and all its citizens.  I saw a sign I really liked:  ‘I am not accepting the things I cannot change; I am changing the things I cannot accept.’ ” – Margaret

“The march in DC was a bright spot for me after many dim days.  I was reminded by so many marchers—by their presence, their actions and their signs– that love, respect and kindness really are what make America great.  The work is just beginning, but I returned to Cincinnati with a sense of hope I have not had since the election.” – Lisa