Our Story

Founded as a Methodist Episcopal Church in 1892, Clifton United Methodist Church has been a witness for social justice in the Clifton community and Cincinnati ever since. The congregation is a very diverse group, reflecting the breadth of our welcoming statement. Truly all are welcome in this community of faith.

Having been a welcoming and safe harbor for gay and lesbian people of faith for many years, we formally became a Reconciling Congregation in 1998. We are a part of the Reconciling Ministries Network, a fellowship of United Methodist congregations who have decided to welcome and support gay and lesbian persons in our churches. We believe that same-gender sexual orientation is no barrier to authentic Christian faith and experience, and we belong to the organization which links such minded United Methodist individuals and congregations across the country.

Our Mission

Clifton United Methodist Church is a progressive faith community that joins together to CELEBRATE in inspirational worship and to GROW in body, mind, and spirit so that we can return to our daily lives to SERVE others!



We are an all-inclusive, progressive faith community, and Reconciling Congregation where all are WELCOME at God’s table.

Truly, all people, regardless of gender, race, age, culture, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, economic circumstances, family configuration, or difference of faith perspective are fully included participants in the life of the community.



We CELEBRATE the generous love of God and the community formed in response to it. The message each Sunday is expressed in the Word, faithfully and prophetically preached, and creatively expressed in music, dance, art, architecture, and dressing of the sanctuary.

Additional and alternative worship services help us connect to the neighborhood – examples include Pride Service, pet blessings, backpack and UC student blessings, Longest Night, and special services for the liturgical year.

Worship is genuine, interactive, intergenerational, and multicultural.



We GROW in our love of God, neighbor, and self through individual and communal prayer and study that stimulates our intellect, nurtures our spirits, and strengthens our bodies. Recognizing that we have diverse needs and that we bring a range of experience and perspective to our common journey, we meet each other where we are and offer a variety of opportunities to continue to support each other as we mature in our faith.



We SERVE by supporting actions taken by individual members and groups within our congregation that promote health of body, mind, and spirit, reconciliation, peace, and social justice in our congregation, denomination, community, and world. We work together as a community of faith and as part of larger connectional ministries to identify and transform economic, cultural, and social systems that produce material deprivation, despair, inequity, and injustice in our world.



We WITNESS and respond to God’s love and grace, by reaching beyond the walls of the church and sharing our personal and congregational experiences and our stories of faith and service with the the world. Our members walk in the Pride Parade, participate in Church Beyond the Walls, and”check in” on social media every Sunday during worship, and more!